UX strategy exists within many different levels of an organization. In this webinar, David Juhlin will cover both high and low level UX strategies from industry-wide UX strategy, down to approaches used for specific projects. Should your company aim to be an industry pioneer in UX? Or should you replicate the successful strategies of other UX leaders? If you decided to be an industry leader, what organizational structures and capabilities would be beneficial? This webinar answers these questions and provides a high level framework that can be used when considering UX strategies.

with special guest David Juhlin

David is a User Experience Consultant at Bentley University. He provides consulting services to clients all over the globe and oversees his own company called GoUsability. He also teaches Online UX Research at Bentley University, and last year, contributed a section about tree testing to Elizabeth Rosenzweig’s book Successful User Experience. This webinar will be moderated by Karan Saggi of TryMyUI.

Thursday, July 28
11:00am - 12:00pm PDT