You don’t have to be an expert to run a great 用户测试研究. 事实上, 为了从你的研究中获得最好的结果,你可能不得不抛开你的许多先入之见,忘记你认为你知道的东西. 以下是日博电竞官网从可用性研究人员那里得到的一些最常见的用户测试问题.

用户测试 team asking questions 和 getting feedback

What can I learn from user testing?

远程用户测试 allows you to see your website through the eyes of your user. 作为产品的所有者、设计师或开发人员,日博电竞官网很快就会发现 we can’t actually see or experience our website as a first-time user does. 日博电竞官网对自己所创造的东西变得如此熟悉,以至于日博电竞官网无法看到流程或副本中可能令人困惑或误解的部分.

On running their first website user test, 当用户偶然发现网站上令人眼花缭乱的内容时,用户总会有几次“顿悟”的时刻,而之前他们对此一无所知.

TryMyUI review by 弗莱切特玛德琳

弗莱切特玛德琳  |  UX Designer, IdeaScale

“诚实, 日博电竞官网通过TryMyUI获得的原始反馈帮助日博电竞官网摒弃了偏见,并根据客户的真正需求对路线图进行了优先级排序.”

How is unmoderated remote user testing different from moderated testing?

审核用户测试 is very hard to do, especially if you are close to the product being tested. 的 key to professionally moderating a test is to let go. 你必须能够让用户在摸索中找到自己的方法,而不去拯救他们. 这是 通常非常困难 to do for owners, developers, UX researchers, or designers of a product.

还有一种强烈的倾向是,用户想要取悦版主,做正确的事,说正确的话, which decreases the accuracy of the test results. 将版主从图片中移除会让用户更加诚实,因为人与人之间的联系不再干扰.

Remote unmoderated user testing avoids these problems entirely. 你只需要 编写一个好的测试. 当您与用户面对面交谈时,您不必担心会引导目击者并破坏测试.
你也可以很容易 modify a test 和 try it on additional users. 通过这种方式,您可以系统地发展您的测试脚本,并获得客观的结果.

People waiting to test in a subway

How many users do I need for my usability study?

一般来说, 日博电竞官网 遵循边际收益递减法则:每一个额外的测试结果提供的新见解都比前一个少.
So, 你看到的第一个视频结果可能会发现大约30%的主要可用性问题, 但是第二个结果将重复一些相同的问题,而剩下的可能只包含另外20%的主要可用性问题.

Jakob Nielsen, the author of “Usability Engineering,” has found that 它只需要5个用户 to uncover 80% of usability problems, which should be enough to get you started with your next iteration. After 15 users, virtually all of your website’s issues should be uncovered.

However, if your study aims to also collect reliable quantitative usability data, you’ll likely want to run more than 15 tests. 日博电竞官网发现,30个测试结果是一个很好的数量,可以获得有意义的数据,同时保持可管理的——谨慎的目标, it’s still possible to locate 和 pick through the most crucial video moments.

Plus, with larger studies, especially with 30 users or more, you can use the UXCrowd to do the bulk of the usability analysis with high accuracy, even without watching most of your videos.

Read our in-depth article to get informed on how many testers are right for you!


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How can I get the most relevant feedback for my website?

人口: 的 first piece of the puzzle is finding the right testers. 获得相关和准确的可用性反馈的理想测试人员是你的产品的代表 目标人群, 和 naturally inclined to perform the tasks that you want them to test.

例如, if your website or app sells high-end winter weather wear, 你将通过测试居住在寒冷气候地区(如东北部)的高收入用户而获得更有代表性的反馈, 中西部, 和加拿大. 这并不是说来自迈阿密的人对你的网站没有什么有用的意见, but they would probably know a lot less about what to look for in a good jacket.

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场景: To get the best feedback from your users, 他们应该尽可能地沉浸在人们在现实环境中使用你的产品的心态中. 为了实现这一点,您为测试设计的场景应该是详细的和现实的. Write a scenario that sounds like a story, not a set of instructions.

这允许用户深入体验和探索你的产品与现实生活中的用户的角度. If you’ve done your demographic selection well, 像这样的详细场景对于测试人员来说可能是可以识别的,或者至少是可以想象的.

任务: 请记住, tasks you include in your test should mimic a real-life user journey as much as possible. 考虑一下访问站点的人如何通过不同的页面来实现一个目标. You probably have a pretty good idea of how visitors move through your site based on analytics; use that knowledge to lay out a smooth 和 natural journey that a real user might actually take.

Word choice matters too. 当写作任务, 避免在应用程序中使用关键字——告诉用户要实现的最终目标, 不是要采取的行动. 这不仅向您展示用户如何轻松地识别和定位完成任务的方法, 这可能揭示了他们实现目标的一种完全不同的方式.

是什么 A / B测试,要么 网站 or 移动应用程序? We got you covered there, too!

Prioritizing Issues - ux research

How can I prioritize the issues uncovered in my tests?

的 obvious answer is to observe: as you watch your test results, make note not only of the issues people run into, but also of things like how many users encounter it, how it affects their performance on other tasks, 和 their reaction to it.

Problems are higher priority if:

  • A higher proportion of users encounter the same issue
  • 这个问题完全阻碍了用户完成任务,而不仅仅是增加了难度
  • 的 issue has a domino effect on other tasks during the user test
  • Users have a particularly strong negative reaction to the issue

书面调查: Looking for patterns among the written survey responses is a great way to complement insights from your video data. 有一件事, it’s a good way to see which parts of the experience stuck the most in users’ minds; since they won’t be able to mention all of the problems they ran into, the ones they choose to address in their written survey will be telling.

其他有用的信息将是哪些问题被提出得最频繁. If everyone remembers the same bad thing about your website, that thing partially defines your UX in your users’ eyes.

SEQ in user testing 和 research

定量指标:Single Ease Question (SEQ) is a metric for measuring the usability of tasks in a user test. 在每一个任务, the user rates its difficulty on a scale of 1 to 7; the end product is a journal of difficulty-over-time for each individual’s experience. 查看用户SEQ得分的高峰和低谷,可以很好地指示你应该首先关注用户体验的哪些部分.

UX Crowd in the TryMyUI diagnostics panel

众包: UXCrowd是一种让人群的智慧帮助你计划你的产品优先级列表的方法. In high-volume usability studies, testers can submit the best 和 worst things about the website, 然后对彼此提交的内容进行投票,生成一个你需要改进的内容的排名列表. UXCrowd消除了用户体验研究人员的偏见,将用户置于你的中心 用户体验的路线图.

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它的工作原理! 用户测试 cost-effective to perform 和, when you do it early 和 often, 它可以为您节省几个月的开发工作和数千美元的开支.

Your developers 和 designers, while immensely talented, aren’t like the people you’re trying to reach with your website. 的y think differently 和 speak an entirely different vocabulary, 和 most likely aren't familiar with 用户体验研究实践. Designing products that make sense to 你的团队 generally produces a site that is not underst和able or usable by your audience. With user testing 和 research, 你可以窥视用户的想法,并设计出对他们有意义的产品.

Peeking into Users Heads